Free guide to overcoming procrastination and getting things done

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Free guide to overcoming procrastination and getting things done

Somehow there is always a reason why you can’t get things done, or even get started this free guide will help you find focus and be more productive.

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When Olympic athletes are asked, how they have improved and achieved higher standards they often say that they found someone who was better than them and trained with them, or that they found a better coach who would stretch to achieve their potential.

I am no Olympian, but I am sure that I can adopt the same sort of strategy.

I can find people who do what I want to do or go to a class that they are teaching or even apply for a job working with them. Well, that would all be very nice, in reality I also have to be practical.

Often the best way to find out what a business leader or a successful entrepreneur does is to read the book about them.

This is the opportunity provided by this weeks’ free guide to overcoming procrastination and getting things done.

‘Business-Do. The Way to Successful Leadership’ looks at the habits and principles of Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani, and how they helped him to found and build the Japanese on-line retail giant Rakuten Inc. Forbes magazine has described Rakuten as one of the 100 most highly regarded companies in the world.

In Japanese the word “do” means “the path”, so the title translates as Business Path.

The free guide breaks down Mikitani’s fundamental philosophy for business and leadership into useful lessons that you can put into practice.

It is really a record of how he has thought and acted when he has faced the various challenges in building and leading a major business. The free guide demonstrates how these lessons can be applied by anyone in any organisation anywhere in the world.

Trainers will be extremely pleased that Mikitani places a lot of emphasis on continuous development and ensuring that we all have a system or plan for ensuring that that development takes place.

It is says, Mikitani, only when we bring together a dream with a plan and a system that we can overcome procrastination and get things done, and achieve the sort of success that we only dreamt about.

Mikitani’s dream of empowering merchants in regional Japan with an on-line platform started over two decades ago and has now grown into a diversified company that spans the globe.

Throughout that extraordinary growth Mikitani has constantly asked himself how he can best communicate his method for achieving his dreams and the goals he linked to those dreams.

After all leadership only happens when information about a better situation, a dream or vision, is successfully communicated to people in whys that they can see themselves being part of the reality of that dream.

In the free guide you will learn about

  • What does one have to do to be truly successful?
  • What one shouldn’t do?
  • How to share your dream or vision of the future
  • How to communicate your methodology with colleagues.

In a world that is changing rapidly and dramatically it has never been more important for people to have a vision of the future that they want to create for themselves.

We must never stop looking for innovation and inspiration.

But we cannot hope these will simply burst into our lives one day.

We must says, Mikitani create the context for innovation and inspiration to occur.

This he says is easier when you can operate within a framework of guiding principles, which can provide you methods that will help you to move forward and achieve your dreams.

Operating principles give us a system in which to operate effectively.

It’s not about learning all the rules; but it is important to have rules that speak to you, if you want the doors of opportunity to open for you.

You can find out more about my operating principles at this link

You can download the Free Guide to overcoming procrastination and getting things done from the Work Place Learning Centre at this link.

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