Talent Management starts at the top

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Talent Management starts at the top

Researchers from Conference Board have identified that talent management programmes that are initiated at the top of an organisation are more likely to be successful than when driven from elsewhere in the business.

“While the talent mindset must be present throughout an organization, it must also cascade from the top with the CEO as the driver,” says Lynne Morton, author of a new Conference Board report.

In most organisations, talent management processes are still evolving, with no single measure being universally used to measure this activity, says Morton. “Some believe that if the company stock price goes up, TM is working. Others look at the value of specific initiatives and at ways those initiatives bring in cost savings for the organizations,” she says.

There are numerous keys to effectiveness employed by firms, says the report. Among them: Knowing your company’s critical jobs and having processes in place to target potential gaps; sharing talent management measures with boards of directors; developing and communicating the specific behaviors expected of leaders in the company to all levels of employees; evaluating employees annually on both performance and potential; having at least 15% of employee satisfaction ratings tied to year-end goals and financial rewards

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