Workers prefer on the job training

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Workers prefer on the job training

A new report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) says that 78 percent of workers are receiving training at work and that their performance is improving as a result of it.

But the report also found that upto 16 percent of workers regularly turn down the opportunity to get involved in training.

By far the most popular way of learning is on-the-job, with the least appealing method being reading books/articles watching videos, correspondence courses and e-learning.

Who Learns at Work?, those working for small companies are less likely to have the opporunity to get involved in training than their colleagues in larger organisations.

It also found that the employees with the highest qualifications are most likely to be offered and take up the opportunity to participate in training.

The young are also more likely to be offered training opportunities than their older colleagues, but part time workers were as likely as their full time colleagues to receive training.

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